Patron Conduct Rules


  • Food is not permitted. Drinks are permitted in containers with secure lids.

  • Low levels of conversation are permitted except in designated quiet areas. Offensive language is not permitted.

  • Children under 8 years old must be directly supervised by a person 14 years or older at all times.

  • Adults may not loiter in areas designated for minors.

  • Footwear must be worn at all times.

  • Animals are not allowed in the library unless 1) they are part of a library-approved program, or 2) they are a trained service animal.

  • Individuals or objects emitting odors which travel farther than 6 feet and inhibit use of the library will be asked to leave.

  • Personal belongings must not be left unattended or obstruct aisles and walkways.

  • No sleeping on library property (inside or outside).

  • Intoxicated individuals on library property will be asked to leave or the police will be contacted.

  • Tobacco products and electronic cigarette may not be used in the library. No smoking within 20 feet of any entrance to the building.

  • No shaving, bathing, or washing clothes in the public restrooms or on library property

  • Individuals exhibiting threatening or aggressive behavior on library property will be asked to leave or the police will be contacted.

  • Animals outside the library must be kept on a leash and must not obstruct access to the library entrances.

  • No soliciting, panhandling or proselytizing in or around the library.

  • No loitering outside the library for extended periods of time.

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